Ancient Earth School of Natural Building is dedicated to experiential education through natural building workshops and building sustainable structures with natural materials.

Using green building practices and incorporating sacred geometry such as the Golden Mean, the structures that Ancient Earth builds include meditation sanctuaries, yoga spaces, and dwellings in which to live, play and dream. Natural building with natural materials has been described as: “magical, life changing, inspiring, healthy and non-toxic”.

We feature Natural Building Workshops on Whidbey Island, located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, throughout the season. These natural building and sustainable building workshops provide hands on experience to students at every level of experience and ability. Please visit our Natural Building Workshops page for information and enrollment.

We also design and build garden benches, sculptured walls, and clay baking ovens.

Building can be done with a family, a group of kids, or a community of people, depending on the structure. Our styles of natural building originate from cultures all around the globe and include straw bale, cob, wattle and daub, light straw clay, dug out, rammed earth, dirt bags, adobe, and round wood joinery.

We strive to use non-electric hand tools and human powered equipment honoring and continuing the skills of our ancestors. A safe, non-threatening work environment is our first priority.